Defenders of East Napa Watersheds

Undisturbed oak forests

Spiring waters feeding two watersheds


The Walt Ranch Vineyard Development project will cut over 28,600 trees from our surrounding hillsides. Water will be used from the same aquifer that supplies Circle Oaks, the Atlas Peak Road area, and Milliken Reservoir. Continual heavy equipment traffic will pass up and down Circle Oaks Drive, a road not built to support such a heavy load and endangering critical water and sewer pipes lie under the road. A four-year construction period is projected, involving blasting, logging, andburning.

The greatest threat to us is the taking of water from our water source for 350-plus acres of new vineyards. The drought is already severe and there is no end in sight. Yet this real estate developer intends to construct wells and reservoirs to divert significant amounts from two watersheds, to be drawn above other properties in the area that depend on the same source.

The effects of the Walt project are likely to be devastating to the land itself, to those of us who live near it, and to the local environment as a whole. Deforestation. Dispersion of wildlife. Erosion. Chemical applications. Air quality. Damage to the property values of our homes and the assault on our quiet and peaceful lifestyle.

Blasting can cause seismic effects damaging the vital flow of water to Circle Oaks. And there is the related noise of an ongoing construction zone for four years. After completion, there will be ongoing traffic of workers, heavy trucks, and the noise of operations.

Concerned residents have been meeting and working on a response to this challenge since mid-2014, and formed a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation to make a stand for Circle Oaks, and the Capell and Milliken Creek watersheds. We inform the rest of our community on what we are all facing. We need to do what we can to defend our rural life environment. With a united effort, we can make an impact.

Much has already taken place in a short period of time. We have joined forces with COHA, COCWD, other concerned groups from Atlas Peak, Monticello Road, and Soda Canyon, as well as the Sierra Club and Living Rivers Council. We hired specialists and an attorney to represent us. We have challenged the Draft Environmental Impact Report presented to the Napa County by Hall Brambletree of Frisco, Texas. This report gives no consideration to the impact on Circle Oaks and beyond! It is critical that we become informed and stand together as a community under threat.

Join us. Become more informed. Protect our local resources, our rural way of life, and our property values. We cannot do this without you. Show your support by attending Napa County Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission meetings, sending your concerns by email or letter to the Napa County Board of Supervisors and the County of Napa Planning Commission, as well as letters to the Napa Register (and comment to letters and articles online). Our voices are being heard–we can and are having a positive impact!